Monsters In the Dark: Book Three: Twisted Together by Pepper Winters

Published June 18, 2015 by Kristina Borden

Monsters in the Dark by Pepper Winters
Genre: Adult, Erotica, Dark Romance, BDSM
Book 3 of 3: Twisted Together
Story Rating: 5 out of 5
Kink Factor: 3 out of 5
We’re altered, we’re abnormal, our souls stained with each others’s mark. Our souls are that of monsters born in the dark.

Pepper Winters takes us on an amazing journey with the
final installment of the Monsters in the Dark Series. On
this journey we witness the strength of Q stripped away
and see him at his weakest and most vulnerable. As he is
taken into captivity and tortured to the brink of death. It is in
this moment that we see Tess reborn and finally
becoming free to be her true self. She must break free of
the remaining shackles the grief and pain she has suffered
to rescue her Monster. I like that this story takes us
through so many ups and downs and turns and twists.
While it is most common to see the man swoop in and
save the woman, this story allows us a glimpse at a
couple who have the chance to save one another. The
series closes with a most wonderful ending where two
people who are simply and undeniably meantt for one
another, who are counterparts, and are the missing pieces
to link together and make a whole are able to overcome
loss, pain, grief, struggle, and emotional turmoils.


Theybalance one another out and Tess beings enough light to
the Monster in Q and he rightfully brings the right amount
of darkness to her. There is a balance in this powerful
dynamic and I honestly felt their journey in my soul.
This is one of those series that you sit back and say
NOOOO I don’t want it to end. These characters speak to
the darkness and light in myself. I really do believe that this
book ended the series perfectly and that the ending was
deserving with what these characters fought and
overcame. Phenomenal READ!!!

Find it Here:

 Reviewed by: Kristina Borden


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