Featured Author Interview: Stevie J Cole

Published June 25, 2015 by Kristina Borden

Author: Stevie J Cole

About the Author: I enjoy the escape writing allows, and fully enjoy weaving a tale and creating crazy characters. When I’m not writing I am cuddling with my two little girls, and listening to my husband play his guitar (swoon). Some trivial fact about me would be: I love the color pink, I adore sloths, and I have a thing for British accents. My biggest fear is completely irrational, but I can’t help it. The thought of the pending zombie apocalypse absolutely creeps me out. I honestly can not imagine a more horrifying way to be blotted out of existence than by the hand of a decaying, oozing corpse.

Works: Wrong, Jag, Roxy, Rush, Bound by Sin, Bound by Prophecy, Bound to the Fallen

Facebook Page: Stevie J Cole Author Page

Website: Stevie J Cole Author Website

I recently approached Stevie on Facebook to inquire about an interview for my new blog. I have to say that I was absolutely shocked and humbled that she agreed to take the time to chat with me on Facebook and do this interview for the new blog. She has a wonderful personality and is such a friendly and amazing chic. Here is what Stevie had to say in our interview! Be sure to check out my review of her newest book Wrong co-authored with LP Lovell. Such an Amazing Read!!!

Naughty Reads: How long have you aspired to be a writer and what were some of your earliest inspirations?

Stevie J. Cole:
I’ve written since I was a child. Shakespeare, Poe, and Jim Morrison were my inspirations…random..I know

Naughty Reads:
lol .amazing writers.What approach did you take with writing your first book?

Stevie J. Cole: Ha! Approach? I just kind of winged it, which is why I still need to go cut half of the book out. It was more a form of therapy after losing both my parents.

Naughty Reads: I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your parents. I am glad that you were able to find writing as a form of therapy during that time.

Stevie J. Cole: thanks, doll. heart emoticon

Naughty Reads: You co authored Wrong with LP Lovell, how did this idea come to fruition and what was the experience like to write with another author?

Stevie J. Cole: Well, we just started talking and it kind of just happened. LOL. Really, it was just a ploy so that I could listen to her British accent on a daily basis. I love writing with her. I feel we bring out the best in each other’s work.

Naughty Reads:Having that chemistry with another author really does help to get the best of both creative minds combined to bang out an awesome book. I have been excited to read Wrong and cannot wait to post my review.
Do you have future works in progress? Maybe another joint venture with LP or have you considered other authors you would love to co author with?

Stevie J. Cole: Aw, thanks for the review!
LP and I are working on Wrath, the sequel to Wrong. We kind of are thinking we may make writing as a team our thing. I do love her. I would love to co-author with AM Madden, BT Urruela, or Penelope Ward.

Naughty Reads:
Thats amazing. I can’t wait for Wrath. I will definitely be following the journey of this dynamic duo. Thank You so much for the time today to do a quick interview. Good luck to you and LP Lovell on your journey and I wish you both the best. I will be keeping tabs and would love to feature the book release of Wrath on my blog..
Stevie J. Cole: Awww! Thanks so much! So glad you are looking forward to the release of Wrath. I’ll be hiding in the corner when it releases. LOL. We would love for you to feature Wrath!!! xx heart emoticon

Naughty Reads:
awesome… ty and much love from a huge fan heart emoticon


Follow Stevie J Cole on Amazon: Stevie J Cole Amazon Author Page

download jag: roxy rush bound by sin BBP Bound to the Fallen


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