Sloth by Ella James

Published June 28, 2015 by Kristina Borden


Sloth by Ella James

Genre: Adult, Coming of Age, Romance, New Adult & College
Story Rating: 5 out of 5


This story is so much more than what it seems…. Ella introduces us to characters that take us on a roller coaster ride filled with mystery, suspense, angst, sadness, heartbreak, and the most important of all an awe inspiring tale of love and survival.

There is much more to Kellan than what appears. He is a college student, who to the outside world, seems to play by the rules when it comes to school and is a god in the eyes of most of the girls on campus. There is no woman that could refuse his good looks and his charm.  He is overshadowed by his wealth and good looks so much so that he is able to keep up this false facade for a while. But there is more to Kellan than meets the eyes and he holds many secrets. He maintains control and keeps people at arms length so that those secrets aren’t uncovered…..That is until Cleo….

Cleo is independent, strong, fiesty, and out to make things happen for herself. There is much more to this sorority girl than meets the eye. When she is discovered dealing drugs and moving onto someone else’s territory the stakes go up. Cleo is made an offer almost to good to refuse and soon becomes entangled with Kellan and there is no turning back.

At first this book will be everything you imagine and does not disappoint with the chemistry between Kellan and Cleo. Chalk full of pure hungry, hot, animalistic sex that will leave you breathless and more than likely wet. These two certainly give one another a run for their money in all things sexual. However, this book is not like your everyday hot sex read. There will be many secrets revealed and this story takes on a life of its own as it begins to unfold into one of the most heart wrenching, heart warming, soul shattering, emotional tales that I have read this year. Ella James truly shines and makes you bring out the Kleenex with this riveting and extremely emotional roller coaster. This is not just a book that you will read and put down. This story will envelop you and pull at your heart strings and lead you on a journey that will hit close to home for so many. There is a development with these characters that is overwhelming and complex and honestly inspiring as secrets revealed tell a much deeper story than what you initially see at the surface. This is a tear jerker and will keep you guessing until the very end and it will leave your heart heavy and full at the same time.

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