Salvation (Heal Me Book 1) by Stephanie John

Published July 12, 2015 by Kristina Borden

Salvation (Heal Me Book 1)

Genre: Adult, Romantic Erotica, Suspense
Story Rating: 5 out of 5


Nate is the gorgeous CEO of the company Kara works for. Wealthy and powerful, he is a bachelor who could easily have his pick of any woman. His advances are soon thwarted by Kara and as a man who is used to getting what he wants, he will soon learn that patience and persistence will be the key to having her.

Kara is rational, independent, and very guarded. Her past hurt haunts her and she is quick to put up walls to guard her heart. Learning to trust and love again is something that will take time. Her attraction to Nate is much like his to is undeniable that at first sight there is a powerful pull of gravity to one another.

Love is anything but simple and easy. For Nate and Kara it is a journey to breaking down walls, freeing themselves from the past, learning to trust, climbing barriers, and finding their way into each others hearts.

I have struggled and pondered over this review for a few days now. Trying to find the right words to say. Normally I do not get personally invested in a review to the point that I reflect so much of my own feelings on the book and the characters. However, in this case it was difficult. I must say that Stephanie John wrote her first masterpiece unlike any novice. Her writing style brilliantly shines in Salvation. She draws you into the conflict and struggle of the characters, she evokes emotions, and writes a story that will lure you in and leave you wanting more…. so much more. Her writing is captivating, her story telling is mesmerizing, and she did an absolutely beautiful job of bringing the story of Nate and Kara to life. This story will grab hold of you from the very beginning and take you on a journey of fear, pain, healing and love.

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