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Published February 8, 2016 by Kristina Borden

His reputation spread almost as fast as the legs of the girls he slept with. ~Summer Montgomery

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Excerpt 1:

The cockiness of her is enough to push me over the edge. I snatch her up and toss her over my lap as she giggles in response. She has clearly baited me and I admittedly walke into yet another trap. She enjoyes the power that she wields over me.

My hand comes down hard to crack against the smooth skin of her bare ass. She laughs. My cock throbs. I hand out another spanking as I watch the slight pink begin to spread and glow across her perfect bottom. This time she barely flinches. Her giggle sends jolts of electricity sparking straight to my cock.

“Is that all you’ve got? Geesh, you really do need some lessons.” she challenges as she props her ass up in the air higher. As my hand comes down again and meeta the bottom of her ass, I suddenly feet the wet liquid begin to soak my lap.

“You are one fucked up little piece of heaven.” My head rears back as the laughter bursts from my lungs. I love the way her body responds to me. The way she matches me and even supersedes me.


When I open the front door, there is still a slight flush on my face that only grows a deeper crimson shade of red as I stand there with my jaw wide open in shock. There, on my front porch, completely and fully fucking naked, stands Damien.
~DARED by Kristina Lee Borden




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