About Naughty Reads!

Many of us can relate to needing some steamy, hot, dirty, unfiltered erotica in our lives. Many of us find that in the wonderful books we read that are jam packed with all our secret desires and fantasies. I have lived in the BDSM lifestyle for over 16 years. I met my husband in the lifestyle and later married him. I am owned and collared. I never really thought to pick up a BDSM or Erotica book because, well let’s just be honest, my life was full of hot steamy sex. However, one day while bored at home I decided to read a collection that was recommended to me. Ahhh… My first ever Adult Read was the Monsters in the Dark Series by Pepper Winters. OK, well maybe not the first ever, I read Fifty Shades of Grey along with almost every other housewife in the world. But Monsters in the Dark was a lot more of the REAL stuff. I found it addicting and completely ravishing. So I decided to start blogging my book reviews for other fellow readers who enjoy a hot freaking read. In between blogging and being a housewife, I am also in the process of writing my first Trilogy “Samara’s Captivity”. Anyways, Welcome to my blog, feel free to check out my reviews, my blurbs, and welcome to my world of NaughtyNeeds and NaughtyReads!!

My Naughty Reads is currently seeking book bloggers to review and blog ebooks from the following categories: Adult Erotica. BDSM. Adult Paranormal Romance. Ebooks will be provided to you and you will have 5 days to read and submit your blog review here at My Naughty Reads. If you are interested please feel free to contact me via the contact form.


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